Presentation / History

CM REGERO Industries, the result of the merger of REGERO and CM FABRICATION, develops its knowledge in the design, manufacturing, sale and servicing of vegetable growers equipment.
With more than 50 years of experience through its 2 brands REGERO and CM, CM REGERO Industries is the partner of vegetable growers and has been following their evolution in the technical improvement of their equipment, productivity and quality. Its turnover has always been progressing thanks to a highly dynamic research and development policy.

With a worldwide presence, CM REGERO Industries operates from a building of some 3,000 m2 on a 2 hectare site, and has 25 employees. All the manufacturing is carried out on the site – our products are French made.

CM REGERO Industries has always been basing its activity on the following principles:

A policy of innovation

To accompany, and even anticipate the user's needs.
We have a highly customer-driven commercial policy: we are constantly analyzing customer needs, and developing corresponding solutions.

A policy of quality

Thanks to a still “artisanal” manufacturing process where each worker knows the customer, and thanks to the use of top quality components and a robust manufacturing process.

A policy of flexibility adaptable to the customer’s wishes

The machines produced by CM REGERO Industries are always customized, taking into account:

  • tractor tracks
  • the soil
  • customers’ practices

A policy of customer service

Besides our team of after-sales technicians able to take charge of the commissioning, maintenance and repair, we also have a network of agents in France and abroad equipped with workshops to provide direct customer service.

Some milestone dates testify to the permanent search for innovation for the benefit of customers.

  • 1962: Creation of the first low pressure steam boiler for soils disinfection
  • 1984: Creation of the first planting machine in cubic blocks (patented machine)
  • 1998: Creation of the self propelled fully automatic machine for steam disinfection (patented machine)
  • 2000: Creation of the plastic film laying machine with Direct Incorporation (patented machine)
  • 2001: Creation of the pneumatic planting machine in cubic blocks (patented machine)
  • 2010: Creation of a new bed fertilizer spreader (patented machine)

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