Bed Soil Preparation

Here are our solutions bed decompactor, croquette, vibrotiller and pressing roller.

Bed decompactor

Available in 5 or 7 teeth configurations, the bed decompactor works in-depth (approximately 30 cm). It breaks up the hard undersoil to allow water to infiltrate and ensure better soil ventilation.



The Croquette is used for post-harvesting resumption or after disinfection. Its high-speed notched rotor breaks up the surface crust and the raked bed is ready for sowing. This machine, equipped with two rollers, operates at a constant depth. Rollers with heating device can be mounted for conditions of wet and sticky soil.

The system is mechanically driven.

The Croquette comes in several widths: 1.15m - 1.35m - 1.60m - 1.80m.



The Vibrotiller is used to prepare the soil for planting after initial plowing or in post-harvesting resumption. It performs surface work: turning, removing weeds and prepare a perfectly smooth seed bed.

The Vibrotiller is designed to process the upper layer only in a specific preparation.

This machine comes in single or triple beds versions,


Pressing roller

Intended to smooth and pack the soil, this equipment comes in single or triple beds versions. It can be equipped with a normal grade or stainless steel roller. For wet and sticking conditions, a heating device can be adapted.


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