Here are our solutions for hoops planting machine, plastic film laying machine and plastic film puller and re-roller machine.

Hoops planting machine

CM REGERO Industries’s hoops planting machine is designed for the installation of hoops used to support tunnels for crop protection. This semi-automatic machine plants already formed hoops, reducing the need for straightening.
The planting width, distance and depth are easily adjustable and a programmable inspecting device ensures the perfect regularity of the height of the hoops.
Speed is between 1 and 1.5 km/h.



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Eco laying machine

This machine is particularly suited for small and medium size surfaces.
The principle of unrolling on directional wheels with fronts coulters and rear boards enable you to install any type of mulch (biodegradable, micro perforated…).
This model of layer provides ease of use and reduced maintenance. It can perform flat mulching up to 2 meters wide.


Standard laying machine

The CM plastic film laying machine is suitable for all types of installations, flat or on hillocks. Its standard installation device makes it simple to use.
Once you have mounted the plastic roller on the wheels, it is installed on the soil as the machine advances.
The installation speed is approximately 4 km/h.


“ID” laying machine

The ID plastic film laying machine use the patented method principle of direct incorporation. The plastic film is inserted in a furrow, avoiding any return of soil on the plastic and reducing earthmoving. Reduced film spacing and higher unrolling speed (8 - 10 km/h) allow for an optimization of the cultivated surface.

This type of laying machine comes in numerous models to satisfy the various needs in increasingly varied crop styles (simple, double, triple, flat, on hoops…).

Ce type de dérouleuse existe dans une multitude de modèles afin de satisfaire aux différents besoins dans des cultures de plus en plus variées (simple, double, triple, à plat, sur arceaux ...).

 image014  PLASTICULTURE-principe  PLASTICULTURE-comparatif
   Principle  Comparative unrolling


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Plastic film puller / re-roller

The plastic film puller / re-roller is used for all types of recovery of plastic film or flexible materials on hoops or lying flat, especially when these materials are intended to be recycled.
A plowshare digging into the soil decompacts the plastic, which is rolled up on cones to ensure fast and effective pulling.



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Plastic film puller / re-roller / double hitch

The plastic film puller / re-roller is designed to recover any plastic film or flexible materials installed on hoops or lying flat, especially when these materials are intended to be recycled.
A first passage is required to chisel the plastic film before extracting it.

Thanks to its double hitch, this puller / re-roller makes it possible to roll up the plastic in line or sideways: it eliminates crop residues before rolling up, and recovers several rows simultaneously.


Combined plastic film puller / re-roller and hoops puller

This machine performs two operations simultaneously: unearthing and rolling up the plastic films on tunnels and tearing off hoops.
Controls are organized in two separate stations. The driver controls the recovery of plastic film while an assistant standing on the back footbridge is in charge of hoops extraction.
The operating speed is approximately 5 km/h.
The unloading of the plastic film and of the arches is controlled hydraulically.



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Hoops puller

CM REGERO Industrie’s hoops puller is designed to recover hoops with or without loops.
Its simple gripping system makes it an effective machine with an operating speed around 8 km/h.
This machine comes in two versions: a version with a single belt and with a double chain system for already formed hoops, and another with a double belt system for steel hoops.
The puller is equipped with a hydraulic system for the unloading of the hoops, so that it can be operated by one person, but it can be equipped with a retractable rear footbridge to monitor the pulling process.



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Mulch lifter

This machine decompacts the plastic film sideways and raises it so that it can be recovered manually or rolled up mechanically.
2 model-specific teeth used for the installation (standard or in direct incorporation mode) operate under the built-in plastic tile and fold it back on the top of the board.


Under-film treatment device

The device for under-film treatment makes it possible to intervene quickly on covered crops, avoiding any operations of removal and reinstallation of the plastic film.
This device stands out from existing material in its design, with a focus on the quality and the regularity of the treatment.
This device is equipped with two or three tubes per element. It is available in versions for one or three rows, with a hydraulic system for arm retraction.

Dispositif de traitement version 3 planches


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