Cover Unrolling

With patented Direct Incorporation by CM REGERO Industries

Whether you are a building contractor or a green spaces specialist, this ID laying machine will meet all your requirements for unrolling covers or other textile covers, and plastic films.

Traditionally, mulch installation involves earthmoving: soil removal, plastic film or cover installation, and soil reloading.

Today, Direct Incorporation makes it possible to insert a plastic film into the soil.

  • The thin front discs split the soil with the desired width, opening a micro furrow
  • The incorporation discs unroll the reel and insert the plastic film as the machine advances.
  • The rear wheels lock the film in the micro furrow.

The advantages of Direct Incorporation:

No return of soil on the film or the cover, whatever the soil types

Regular width of deposit, even in slanting areas

Minimized inter-films/inter-covers intervals – surface optimization

No incidence of speed on deposit quality

No adjustment during operation: ID reel is adjusted in-depth according to the conditions.

Regularity - Speed - Simplicity


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