Warm Water Production

Thanks to its long experience in construction and its tight partnerships with leading companies such as UNIBETON, BOUYGUES, VINCI, SPIE BATIGNOLLES, BETONS FEHR, GROUPE GARANDEAU, OGER INTERNATIONAL…, CM REGERO Industries has developed an immediately applicable solution for the production of hot concrete in any climatic conditions.
The supply of warm mixing water is essential to produce concrete at a temperature over 15°C

CM REGERO Industries proposes 2 models of machines for the production of warm water using in concrete mixing:

EC 600 :    

  • Calorific value: 420 000 Kcal
  • 7 000 liters of water/hour at 60 °C
  • 6 000 liters of water/hour at 70°C

EC 1200 :    

  • Calorific value: 840 000 Kcal
  • 14 000 liters of water/hour at 60 °C
  • 12 000 liters of water/hour at 70°C
These machines use a tubular smoke exchanger. A recycling pump allows the mixing of warm water and returning cool water, to avoid thermal shocks. A thermostat system controls water temperature. Fuel or gas burners can be mounted at no extra cost according to the customer’s requirements.

These horizontal boilers are insulated with a 50 mm layer of glass wool and an ISOXAL metal sheet. The doors and the smoke-boxes are covered with 80 mm of refractory concrete.

Our warm water production units are delivered complete and ready for installation. They include the following components:

20' container arranged to receive all the warm water produced, with:

  •         Anti-panic safety door
  •         Electrical cabinet with outside disconnection switch
  •         Inside lighting
  •         Sockets
  •         Police valve box and fuel valve units
  •         Smoke vents on roof
  •         Air vents
  •         Various evacuations of purged fluid and boiler overflow

5000 liter fuel tank, with double wall in a 20' container with fire department connection for filling, vent and pneumatic gauge.

CM REGERO Industries’s warm water production boilers are designed according to the needs of the construction project and the conditions of the building site. Their robustness will ensure that you can rely on faultless, proven equipment, with optimal performance, for a particularly advantageous cost.

Resisting the hardest daily use, it guarantees a long-term usage; minimizing the incidence on non-operational conditions and operating expenses. These machines have excellent thermal efficiency and can be relocated easily in your working site.


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