Fertilizing - Sowing - Sanding

Here are our solutions of fertilizer spreader, pneumatic seed drill and sander.

­Fertilizer spreader for beds

CM REGERO Industries’s fertilizer spreader is designed for the spreading of all types of products i­n powder or granulated form (with constant homogeneity). Its rotor distribution system provides very high accuracy in volume and distribution.
The fertilizer spreader can be equipped with an advancement proportional device (APD) to enhance spreading regularity.

Output can be controlled by adjusting the rotation of the distribution, by opening the trap door using a wheel with a display, and by adjusting the speed of the tractor.
An emptying device makes it possible to empty the distributor after each use. This fertilizer-spreader can be installed at the front or rear of the tractor.

An optional device allows spreading between rows.

The fertilizer-spreader comes in 3 versions:

  •     450 liters – 1.25 m wide spraying - With or without APD
  •     650 liters – 1.35 m of spraying width - With or without APD
  •     800 liters – 1.65 m of spraying width - With or without APD



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Pneumatic seed drill

CM REGERO Industries’s pneumatic seed drill can sow in close rows. The sower’s case has been designed to sow all types of vegetables seeds with very high accuracy.

CM REGERO Industries’s pneumatic seed drill comes in two versions:

  • a 24-row model (12 elements with an independent hopper) allowing to sow with an interval of 50mm between the rows
  • a 30- or 32-row model (15 or 16 elements with a common hopper) able to sow with an interval of 41,5mm between the rows

Technical description:

Rigid tubular frame with 3 point hitch, category 2.
Stainless steel front and rear rollers equipped with heating devices.
Hydraulic anti-clutter system.
Gimbal-driven high-throughput turbine.
Aspiration/pressure collector feeding the sowing elements.
High-capacity seed emptying cyclone, with filter.
Hydraulically motorized rotary drill on a parallelogram with a Farmflex gauge roller.
Individually retractable sowing elements to facilitate access and maintenance.
Independent stainless seed chute on a flexible blade.
Stainless common hopper with hinged lid.
Electro-hydraulic driving of the sowing elements (Sauer Danfoss digital processor and proportional distributor).
Console with multifunction color LCD screen (selection of seed density, rotation controller, linear counter and display of actual speed).



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The self-loading sander spreads sand on vegetables and horticultural sowing as well as for the cleansing of green spaces and playing fields. It makes it possible to store sand locally in a heap and to operate with only one person effortlessly. The sander comes in several versions: front, rear, towed, 700 or 1000 liter trunk

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